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Edwalton Golf Centre

Junior Academy



At Edwalton Golf Centre we are dedicated to making Golf accessible for all children of all ages. We keep the coaching affordable, fun and varied in it’s delivery.

This multi-layered programme progresses a complete novice golfer into a junior golfer ready for membership at a golf club. It's all about fun and a basic introduction to golf for youngsters aged six years upwards. For more information visit the Golf Foundation's website.

Below is a sample block of activities that we run on Saturday mornings.


Date    Time     Activity          Place       
Week 1  11-12 Introduction Range/ Par 3 Course
Week 2 11-12 Hitting irons Range/ Par 3 Course
Week 3 11-12 Hitting woods Range/ Par 3 Course
Week 4 11-12 Chipping & Pitching Range/ Par 3 Course
Week 5 11-12 Putting Range/ Par 3 Course
Week 6 11-12 Review & Competiton Par 3 Course


We have fantastic facilities for junior golf coaching that include getting the children on the par 3 course asap.

All course blocks run for six weeks at a time in conjunction with The Golf Foundation Junior passport scheme.

Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 children to ensure all get attention and fun.

Please contact Simon directly to see when the next class will be starting at Edwalton Golf Centre.


Call 0115 9234 775 | Email: for more information or to book a lesson.


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