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Hi all, to say March and the beginning of April have been somewhat challenging is the understatement of the year! Who could have predicted we would have 5 days of snow in any month let alone March. The contrast in weather from this year compared to last is pretty incredible, here’s an overview of some of the facts and figures:

March 2017

  • 22 out of 31 days without rainfall
  • Total month rainfall was 27mm
  • 2 days where 5mm or more fell in the same day
  • 0 days of frost
  • 0 days of snow
  • Max temp of 22 degrees
  • Average temp of 10.4 degrees

March 2018

  • 10 out of 31 days without rainfall
  • Total month rainfall was 78mm
  • 4 days where 5mm or more fell in the same day
  • 12 days of frost
  • 5 days of snow
  • Max temp of 15 degrees
  • Average temp of 6.4 degrees

As you can see this year has been considerably colder and wetter which has had a knock on effect to what we can achieve out on the golf course. As a greenkeeper you learn to adapt to mother nature as it can become a losing battle very quickly, so as such we had to change a few things round in the plan and I believe we have done this very well by remaining productive and producing the best course we can under the conditions.

Here are a few things we have been able to progress with:


  • Brushed greens to stand plant up to receive a consistent cut
  • Applied a granular spring starter fertiliser to encourage some early season growth
  • Greens maintenance completed on the new greens which involved verti-cutting, solid tining and topdressing


  • Granular fertiliser applied to help grow in all the winter divots
  • All tees have been fully divoted to aid recovery
  • New tee markers have gone out along divot boxes on the par 3s


  • All have been reshaped and made bigger ready for fertiliser in April


  • Routinely brushed to keep worm casts and mud down from the surface
  • 90% cut this week – some areas still to wet for mowers


  • Raked when possible

Other areas

  • 14th bunker on princes has been finished, sand will be added when weather is more conducive
  • The entire pathway from the clubhouse to both 1st tees has been completely renovated
  • Newly turfed areas on 6 & 12 princes fws have been cut and are now in play

What’s happening in April

We will complete greens maintenance on the original greens, this will also be followed up with a sarrell roll and further light sand dressing to fill in all the imperfections. A start made on installing our new irrigation heads around the greens and hopefully lots of mowing and presenting the golf course in the sunshine!

If you have any thoughts or questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me or one of my team.

Best regards

Ross Cook – Head Greenkeeper

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