Get Ready Golf at Richmond Park

As golfers, we like nothing more that getting out in the fresh air and enjoying a round with our pals. While golf is not renowned for being a high-octane sport, it can be frustrating when 18 holes takes longer than it should. We’re now living in an era where time is getting even more precious, so here’s a simple philosphy to keep the game moving and make it more fun. We call it Get Ready Golf!

Get there!
Book your tee time in advance and arrive at least 30 minutes before your tee time.

Get ready!
Have everything you need ready to start your game on time. Have you got balls, tees, a glove and refreshments?

Get on the tee!
Arrive on the 1st tee 10 minutes before you are due to play. Tee off on each hole in order of who is ready, rather than who has the ‘honour’.

Get to your ball!
Go to your ball and be ready to play your next shot as soon as it is safe to do so. If you think you have lost your ball, go and look whilst your playing partners play their shots first.

Get a gimme!
Is your ball within 2 feet of the hole? Then your playing partners should give you the putt!

And finally… Get the drinks in!
By playing ‘Get Ready Golf’ you will have more time to enjoy a relaxing drink in the bar afterwards!

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