Head Greenkeeper’s Course Update | April 2018

As I’m sure you are all aware this has been one of the longest wettest winters in recent years and we have been trying to keep the course open and as playable as possible. This hasn’t been an easy task, but I can assure you that we have everything planned to return the course to its perfect condition as quickly and as soon as we can.

Greens have had a small feed which contained a wetting agent to try and keep as much water as possible away from the playing surface. The greens are soft underfoot but the grass coverage is good and a great base for when the dry weather returns. We have invested heavily this month in updating our scarifying mower to allow us to remove any extra thatch and moss we have received this winter. We plan to do this weekly as soon as we can.

Due to the weather we have postponed the spring green renovations and these will happen as soon as we can without causing damage to the greens or the course. These works will consist of deep spiking, top dressing and seeding.

The tees are holding up well and our brand new Augusta tee markers have been put out replacing the old logs which has made a massive impact on the presentation of the teeing area. Brand new flags, poles and cups will also installed in the coming weeks.

As I’m sure you will have noticed our first tee is in the process of a major revamp. The top tee has been stripped, widened and levelled. The bank between the two tees has been widened allowing us to maintain the area with a mover. Brand new sleeper steps have been built and the whole area will be turfed shortly. The bank to the back of the tee will be seeded and then maintained to the same level as our carries. We will be on a temporary tee until the works are carried out and then playing of the lower tee until the new turf has established.

Many thanks for your constant support, here’s to a great season ahead!


See you on the fairways!

Head Greenkeeper

John Holcroft


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