Are you a ‘fairweather’ golfer? Then you’re going to love this…

Are you one of those fairweather-only types? The type of golfer that detests the winter and only surfaces when the sun is shining?

You’re not alone. Like many of us, we tend to throw the clubs in the garage at the end of the summer, leaving them in hibernation until next Spring.

Until now, this leaves you having to pay a green fee every time you play, or fork out for a full year’s membership that you’ll probably only use for a few months.

But guess what? Duxbury Park Golf Course is now offering a proper membership that you can cancel at ANY time!

Loyaltee 1 Month membership gives you all the benefits of full membership, including unlimited golf.

Call 01257 265 380 or click here to find out more.

Terms & conditions: See website link for details.


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