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Edwalton Golf Centre



Our 9-hole FootGolf course routed in the heart of Nottingham is now open everyday of the week after 1pm. Using the picturesque fairways of our Fun course, our new 9-hole FootGolf course is one of the first in the UK to feature Edwalton's scenic fairways.

The FootGolf course will be open every day after 11am for an afternoon kick-about with friends or family. Find out more about FootGolf on our 'What is FootGolf' and Rules page.

Club Rules

No Football boots, blades or moulds. Only Trainers, Golf shoes and astroturf trainers are allowed.

Football rental is FREE! Lost or damaged footballs will be charged.

Pace of play is important so if the group behind is faster please wave them through.


Type     Mon-Fri  Sat-Sun  

Adult 9 Holes

£7 £7 Book Online

Adult 18 Holes

£10 £10 Book Online

Junior 9 Holes

£5 £5 Book Online

Junior 18 Holes

£7 £7 Book Online




Q: Can I wear Football boots?

A: No, only Golf shoes and trainers (Inc astro/3G) are allowed 


Q: Is there a dress code?

A: Typically FootGolfers will wear traditional Golfing attire with long argyle socks but until you're a Pro you can dress to impress or not. There’s no stuffy Golfing goings on so feel free to play in your comfort.


Q: Can I use my own ball?

A: Yes, but we also have balls to use free of charge (£10 per ball deposit applies)  


Q: How many FootGolfers can play in one group?

A: Again this is not Golf so free to play in a three, four, five or even six ball as long as you keep up with pace of play and wave faster groups through.


Q: Do I need to book?

A: Booking is not compulsory but recommended to avoid disappointment  


Q: How long will 9-Holes take?

A: Approximately 45 minutes - Remember, your green fee is for an unlimited day ticket, play as many times as you like 


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