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Richmond Park Golf Course



We're excited to announce that Footgolf has now arrived at Palewell Common Golf Course! Located just a few minutes drive from Richmond Park Golf Course, Palewell Common is a picturesque 9-hole golf course.

Footgolf is a fun combination of the best bits from golf and football. The rules are simple - just like golf, you try to get the ball in the hole in the fewest shots possible (kicks in this case!). Anyone can play and it's lots of fun - the holes are oversize and you don't have to carry around a heavy set of clubs.

At Palewell Common you play Footgolf on the same course as the golfers - the holes are next to the normal greens and are easily identified from the golf holes. There's no need to book a tee time - simply turn up to the kiosk. See our GREEN FEES page for Footgolf prices or call 0208 876 7005 for further information.

Q: What should I wear?

A: There's no dress code with Footgolf - just wear whatever you find comfortable for outdoor activities. Please note we do not allow football boots with studs or blades as they cause damage to greens - trainers or astroturf boots are fine.


Q: Can I use my own football?

A: Yes, but we also have balls to use free of charge.  


Q: How many Footgolfers can play in one group?

A: Golfing rules don't apply here, so feel free to play in a three, four, five or even six ball as long as you keep up with pace of play and wave faster groups through.


Q: Do I need to book?

A: No need to book - just turn up. Please note that during busy periods there may be a short wait for the tee.


Q: How long will 9-Holes take?

A: Approximately 30 minutes - Remember, your green fee is for an unlimited day ticket, so play as many times as you like!


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