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Tilgate Forest Golf Centre

Individual lessons


Our golf lessons are tailored for each individual golfer, the best way to understand and improve your golf is to take a lesson.At the Academy we use video analysis to help you to understand and aid the learning experience.Visual aids, can accelerate the learning process and give the individual a better understanding of their golf swing and how to improve your game.A golf lesson will help you to understand your golf swing and build consistency into your game in every area. 'How to practice', 'what to practice' and 'how often'. All geared towards lowering your scores.

We offer lessons on:

Short Game


  • Holing out
  • Green reading
  • Distance control
  • No more 3 putts
  • Building a consistent stroke



  • Consistent contact
  • Distance control
  • Use of different clubs
  • Landing zones
  • Lower your scores around the green



  • Consistent contact
  • Trajectory control, high and low
  • Landing zones
  • Create back spin / controlling the spin
  • Distance control


Bunker Play

  • Bunker shot variations
  • Control your shots
  • Escape from difficult lies


Iron Play

  • Hit more greens
  • Striking your irons correctly
  • Ball flight / trajectory
  • Learn to shape your shots


Wood Play / Driving

  • Hit more fairways
  • Contact
  • Shape of your shots


Playing lessons

  • Course strategy
  • Lower you handicap / Scores



Lesson packages of 4 hours are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Lesson packages of 8 hours and above are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
Cancelling a lesson:
When cancelling a lesson, 24 hours notice must be given, either by contacting your Professional in person, via the Golf shop reception or the online Professional diary. Failure to do so may result in the client losing the lesson or chargeable for the time in question.

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