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Tilgate Forest Golf Centre

Ladies Golf Lessons


Ladies Roll up lesson every Wednesday 10 -11 am.

You and your friends can learn golf in a fun and friendly environment, with other like minded ladies. Combining learning a new skill, exercise, being outdoors and meeting new people. 

In the UK there are more men than women playing sport every week. Women are missing out on the physical, mental and well-being benefits of sport. This is something we are looking to change in Crawley.

Finding time to learn is sometimes difficult if you have children or work full time. Our ladies class starts at 10am, giving you plenty of time to do the school run and make your way over to Tilgate Forest Golf Centre.


What you need:

A flat pair of shoes / trainers.

All of the equipment needed is supplied during the lesson.

We will take you through all of the different aspects of golf, even an introduction to the golf course.



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