Gender Pay Gap Information

Gender Pay Gap Information

Glendale is proud to provide services to the community and attracting and retaining a diverse range of employees strengthens our ability to deliver our goals.

The Glendale mean (average) gender pay gap is 6.10% and a median (average) gender pay gap is 2.07%.  

The Gender Pay Gap is different from “equal pay”.  Equal pay relates to men and women being paid differently for “like work” carrying out the same or comparable jobs.  At Glendale, women and men in like for like roles are remunerated equally.

In the 2017 reporting period, Glendale had an overall gender split of 89% male and 11% female.  In common with other employers in the industry sector, Glendale is working to improve the gender balance amongst the workforce.  We aim to make Glendale a great place for everyone to work, regardless of gender, and to be rewarded fairly. We are committed to ensuring we have a diverse, gender balanced workforce where everyone can succeed.

I can confirm that the information and data reported is accurate as at the snapshot date, 5 April 2017.

Managing Director

Glendale Golf

Gender pay & bonus gap

Difference between men and women Mean Average Median Average
Gender Pay Gap* 6.10% 2.07%
Gender Bonus Gap 35.00% 80.03%

*National mean average is 29%; national median average is 18%.

Proportion of employees receiving a bonus

Gender Percentage (%)
Male 16.36%
Female 8.28%

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