Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information for all customers

We treat the safety and welfare of our customers with the highest priority. Please note our standard safety guidelines to help you have a safe and enjoyable visit to our golf centres.

  • Golfers access the courses at their own risk.
  • Golfers are advised to have personal golf insurance.
  • Buggy users must complete a Buggy Hire Form before use and be familiar with the safe operation of the vehicle.
  • Golfers are advised to shout ‘fore’ when hitting an errant shot.
  • Golfers must advise golf course staff if they hit a golf ball over any course boundary.
  • Golfers are advised to wear suitable footwear with adequate grip in all weathers.
  • A klaxon will sound in the event of adverse weather. All golfers must leave the course immediately.
  • In the event of an emergency, golfers are advised to immediately dial 999, before alerting the golf course staff.

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Glendale Golf is part of The Parkwood Group and is committed to providing a service that sits right at the heart of the community.

Our six golf venues all have one thing in common – they offer accessible, affordable and quality golf to everyone.

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