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Congratulations to Chris Benians, the new Brirtish Speedgolf Champion!

Congratulations to Chris Benians who wins 2017 British Open Speedgolf Championships at Piltdown Golf Club in Sussex. George Boxall was an incredibly close runner up in a clift hanger result.

What is Speedgolf? It's a faster, more athletic version of golf, where you can play a full 18 holes in under 80 minutes, or 9 holes in under 40 minutes by jogging between shots. The challenge is balancing your running pace with your ability to quickly and accurately play your shots to get the lowest score possible.

The aim is to achieve the lowest possible sum of shots combined with the time taken to run the golf course. This combined total gives you a Speedgolf Score. Shooting a round of 90 in a time of 70 minutes and 21 seconds would give you a Speedgolf score of 160:21.

Chris won his British Championship title with a Speedgolf Score of 116:13 (total strokes played was 69, taking 47.13 minutes for 18 holes). Runner up was George Boxall who was tantalizingly close with a Speedgolf Score of 116:17, the closest margin in any Speedgolf tournament!

However, Speedgolf is not all about Championships and records, it is about having FUN and this is core to our ethos. Whether you just want a faster, more athletic round, want to get fit or compete at the highest level.

Find out more at the British Speedgolf website.


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