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Monthly Golf Course Update from Richmond Park Golf Course


Hi all, the warm dry weather is still with us meaning the growing season which normally would tail off towards the end of September is still here at the end of October and in full swing!

September was 2ºC cooler than average with 40% more than average rainfall. This is higher than I expected, as the general consensus was that we had another good weather month - however we had some storms that account for 50% of the total rainfall, which may have skewed these figures.

October has so far been unseasonably warm with very few winds. This causes the air to become stagnant and humid; perfect conditions for undesirable fungal growth and plant growth. However with our efficient maintenance programme we are confident that we will prevent an disease from forming on the greens. Rainfall in October has been 60% less than average, which has helped the course play well for longer and keep the casting worms down for now! The forecast for November is for more seasonable cool and dry weather, which will help ease the disease pressure and slow the cutting down so we can concentrate on the winter course improvements.



  • Height of cut raised to 5mm to help plant health through the winter

  • Last topdressing of the year applied to fill in scarifying in-perfections which has levelled out the surface well

  • Fungicide applied to relieve disease pressure

  • Slow release granular winter feed applied

  • Sarrell rolled every 2 weeks (1 inch long spikes to open up surface to allow air and moisture into the rootzone)

  • Slitting every week from 1st Oct to help keep the surface dry and move water laterally



  • Regular tee marker rotation

  • Height raised up to 19mm to help plant health through the winter

  • A winter fertiliser has been applied to the new tees which are a bit weaker, the rest of the tees are due this treatment shortly

  • Bin, Ballwasher and bench stations are regularly strimmed and kept tidy



  • Height raised up to 19mm to help plant health through the winter

  • Cut direction changed to ring out from the green to allow easier mowing and reduce time taken to cut the approaches

  • Slitting takes place monthly to help keep the surface dry and move water laterally


  • Cut direction changed to a block cut to reduce turning marks/rips in the rough

  • Re-shaped key areas to tie in with approaches better

  • Completed 1 round of slitting which will happen monthly as long as weather allows

  • Completed 1 round of brushing to stand up plant after a season of being mown 1 way, when growth stops this will be a weekly operation and sometimes an alternative to cutting


  • Height raised to 2.5 inches to increase turf coverage and density which will reduce worm casts and mud being brought to the surface

  • Some out of play long rough areas grown in to encourage wildlife and ecology



  • All edged, strimmed, weeded and topped up with sand where needed

  • Raked & de-stoned once a week


What's planned for the next two months?

Winter is notoriously tricky to plan for as the weather will dictate what we do on a daily basis but our general plans are to continue slitting - greens once a week, fws & apps once a month until christmas. Lots of scrub removal and invasive tree species removal and to roll out a traffic management program to prevent key areas from wearing out and losing turf coverage which will result in heavily mudded areas.

If anyone wants to get in touch with me or my team regarding course conditions, recommendations or just to say hello please don’t hesitate to approach us out on the course or get in touch with me directly.

Ross Cook, Head Greenkeeper


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