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Portsmouth Golf Course October Course Report

Golf Course report



The greens have held up very well throughout 2017 and are in a strong state of health moving into the colder months. Apart from some slight stress in the summer months the greens have been consistent and have constantly improved. This has been the result of a comprehensive maintenance and fertiliser programme.  

Recently we have applied a spray application to combat early signs or disease. This time of year proves to be a challenge where we have frequent mild damp conditions which provide the the ideal conditions for disease to form. This will be an ongoing process and unwanted disease will be treated if necessary.  

Last week we applied a granular feed to the greens which will support and strengthen the grass as temperatures gradually start to drop. Going forward we plan to slit the greens which will encourage air into the soil profile and assist with nutrient uptake. This process also helps with drainage benefits will cause minimum disruption.


Tees & Fairways    

Like the Greens, the tee areas have held up well throughout the season. Over the coming weeks we will look to move on to winter mats to help preserve the grass tee areas over the winter period. Potentially we may keep a few of the drier tee areas on longer holes open although this is yet to be confirmed and will be assessed in due course.

We will continue to cut fairways, surrounds and rough all the way through and into the colder months. This ensures the best course presentation at all times. As with the greens we will look to slit fairways in areas to once again assist with drainage in preparation for the wetter conditions.

Please note we are now playing preferred lies where you have the ability to lift, clean and place your ball on closely mown areas. For more information and advice on this please click here -   



In addition to our daily course maintenance we will look to implement the following measures as we go into the winter season - Leaf control - With appropriate machinery and blowers we will keep the course tidy of dropped leaves.

Traffic Control - Over the coming weeks we will look to stake off areas that are prone to getting wet under foot. This will also keep traffic to drier spots on the course especially when using trolleys.

Tree Management - Following a visit from the local authority we have sought advice on the removal of diseased and damaged trees in various areas of the golf course. In many instances this will allow other trees to flourish in dense areas and also allow smaller saplings to grow. In some instances this will also promote more sunlight to areas of the golf course such as greens and tee areas that have previously lacked sufficient light and have suffered as a result.

Winter Mats - All mats will be jet washed or brushed to make sure they are presentable and clean for when required.


As always thanks for taking the time to read our latest report. We looking forward to updating you on our progress over the coming months.    


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