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Tee it up at Duxbury Park and you’ll discover much more than just a golf course.

Hole #1

Par 4 | 368 yards

First tee shot… no pressure! It’s vital to hit a straight shot, giving you the chance to go for the green.

Anything wayward will leave you a very difficult approach surrounded by trees. A tough starting hole.

Hole #2

Par 5 | 470 yards

A classic dogleg par 5. Can you hit a draw to order? The lucky few that can will line up a chance to go for the green in two. However, trees both sides of the fairway can quickly catch you out.

The approach is to a raised green, so the challenge is to keep your ball on the dancefloor. A short, but tricky par 5.

Hole #3

Par 3 | 229 yards

The first par 3 of the round.

Bunkers left and right protect a generous approach to a large green, but can play long off the back tees.

Hole #4

Par 4 | 379 yards

Dogleg par 4, playing uphill with out of bounds to the right. One of the most difficult holes on the course.

A pond on the left side of the green will come into play if your approach wanders off course. Take your par and run.

Hole #5

Par 4 | 363 yards

Water runs down the entire left hand side of this hole, so keep it straight and narrow until you meet the green.

The short yardage offers some solace, but by no means is this an easy par 4.

Hole #6

Par 5 | 504 yards

A large pond stretches the width of the fairway, meaning your tee shot must be positioned correctly to give you the best chance at your second shot, which also faces plenty of danger.

Position is key for those looking to avoid turning a birdie chance into a golfing disaster.

Hole #7

Par 4 | 361 yards

An uphill approach to the green features a beautiful oak tree that guards a narrow 2-tier green.

This natural defense also makes this hole one of the most challenging on the course.

Hole #8

Par 4 | 357 yards

A downhill par 4 running parallel to hole 7 looks straightforward enough, but think carefully about your approach.

Trees on the right and bunkers both sides of the fairway await an errant shot.

Hole #9

Par 3 | 162 yards

A lovely short par 3, but anything but a perfect shot is likely to find one of the many greenside bunkers.

Hit it long and a raised green makes an up and down unlikely. Finding the green is vital if you want to walk off with a par.

Hole #10

Par 4 | 373 yards

An intimidating tee shot over water with trees either side calls for a solid drive.

The approach to the green has just one greenside bunker, offering some comfort after the very tough tee shot.

Hole #11

Par 3 | 179 yards

This par 3 features a ditch down the left and a green surrounded by bunkers.

Another testing short hole requiring a precise shot off the tee.

Hole #12

Par 4 | 394 yards

One of the toughest holes on the course! Your tee shot will need to find the top of a plateau – miss this and you’ll face a tough shot to a raised green.

Go too long off the tee and a ditch awaits. A pond on the right will catch a wayward approach. A par on this hole is a truly excellent result.

Hole #13

Par 4 | 474 yards

Will the 13th be lucky for some? A subtle dogleg with out of bounds to the left and bunkers to the right requires a decent tee shot.

Big hitters can get home in 2 as the approach is straightforward, offering a great chance to get one back on the course.

Hole #14

Par 4 | 404 yards

A long par 4 protected with out of bounds left and bunkers either side the fairway requires another accurate tee shot.

The approach shot to an undulated green is tricky, but with no greenside bunkers there’s a welcome margin for error.

Hole #15

Par 3 | 184 yards

Another testing par 3 that plays uphill, normally requiring you to club up one extra.

The double tier green with greenside bunkers on the right makes par feel like a birdie!

Hole #16

Par 4 | 312 yards

Birdie time! Big hitters can go for the green. Decide to lay up and you’ll still have only a short approach to the green.

This hole’s defence is a severely undulated green. Just hope the greenkeepers have given you an easy pin position otherwise that easy birdie could quickly be a bogey.

Hole #17

Par 4 | 416 yards

After a short par 4, you’re now greeted with a long hole with lots of trouble. It’s important to hit down the right side for the best approach to the green, anything too far left will block your approach shot.

A slightly raised green surrounded by bunkers means this is one of the toughest holes on the course.

Hole #18

Par 4 | 414 yards

Homeward bound! The final hole is a par 4 with fairway bunkers either side and a pond to catch a wayward approach. A downhill approach to the green is a welcoming end to the round.

Tap in for par and head to the 19th hole for a well-deserved treat.

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