Flexible plans

Whether you're a fanatic or fairweather golfer, we've got a Loyaltee™ membership plan to suit you.

Enjoy unlimited golf

Loyaltee™ 1 Month or 12 Month plans include unlimited golf. Midweek and all-week options to suit you.

Play in competitions

Loyaltee™ 12 Month plans include an official handicap and access to competitions.

Golf to suit your lifestyle

Loyaltee™ is golf’s most flexible membership plan. Simply pay a green fee and play whenever suits you, or sign up to our flexible Loyaltee™ 1 Month or 12 Month plans and enjoy unlimited golf!

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Frequently asked questions

Can I play in club competitions?

You can upgrade your Loyatee™ 12 Month membership plan to include optional access to a busy schedule of club competitions, organised by our resident clubs. Every member is welcome to enter competitions, following a brief induction.

Will I get an official handicap?

You can upgrade your Loyaltee™ 12 Month plan to include membership to our resident clubs. All members can obtain a club handicap following a brief induction.

Is there a joining fee?

No, we do not charge a joining fee to become a Loyaltee™ member.

Are there any limits on how often I can play?

Loyaltee™ 1 Month or 12 Month members enjoy unlimited golf. Our Loyaltee™ membership plans are available with 5-Day or 7-Day access to our golf courses. 5-Day provides unlimited golf Monday-Friday (except Bank Holidays) and with 7-Day you can play all week. We occasionally set a ‘fair use’ policy during periods of very high demand, to make it fair for everyone. This will temporarily limit the number of times you can book a tee time each week.

What membership options are available for junior and younger golfers?

Loyaltee™ 12 Month plans include a free membership for one junior golfer (under 16 years of age). We also offer a Loyaltee™ 1 Month membership plan for juniors from £10 per month, or from £33 per month for younger golfers between 16 and 24 years. Both these Loyaltee™ 1 Month plans are available to purchase online.

Can I play at other Glendale Golf courses?

Loyaltee™ 12 Month plans include one complimentary round per month at our six Glendale Golf Centres across the UK.

How do I cancel my membership?

Loyaltee™ 1 Month plans automatically renew on the 1st of each month. You can cancel your plan by providing 14 days notice before your next renewal date. Click here to send us your cancellation request.

Loyaltee™ 12 Month plans are annual contracts and cannot be cancelled during the membership term.

Can I pay for my membership in monthly instalments?

Loyaltee™ 12 Month plans can be paid annually or by monthly Direct Debit. If you pay annually you receive a discount equivalent to 1 month’s Direct Debit payment.