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Golf Buggy Rental Terms

By renting a golf buggy online or instore you agree to these terms & conditions of rental:

Glendale Golf advise all buggy users to have adequate personal insurance to protect themselves against such liability.

  1. Strictly only one person will travel on this buggy. Marshals will be patrolling the course and anyone not observing this rule will be required to immediately leave the course without refund.
  2. The buggy user acknowledges full responsibility of this buggy while in your use and accept full liability for any damage or injury caused to property or public, including costs associated with repairing damage caused to this buggy during the hire period.
  3. The buggy user has checked the buggy before use and it is free of major damage or faults.
  4. The buggy user is responsible for reporting any existing damage or faults to reception before use/during use, otherwise he/she may be liable for the cost of repairs.
  5. The buggy user will be solely responsible for renting/operating this buggy and confirm I am 18 years of age or older.
  6. The buggy user is familiar with the controls of this buggy and will drive safely at all times. If you are unsure please ask a member of staff who will be pleased to advice.
  7. The buggy user’s ability to operate the buggy safely is not impaired by the consumption of alcohol/drugs/medication.
  8. Keys must be returned to reception after use.
  9. Buggies must be returned to the clubhouse at least 30 mins before the premises closes and accept that I will be charged a late return fee of £30 if the buggy is returned after this time.