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Edwalton Newsletter | Oct 2019

Monthly Newsletter | Oct 2019

Welcome to the Edwalton Golf Centre monthly newsletter.

Greenkeeper’s update

Hi all,

I start every newsletter the same way, a brief rundown of the weather over the past month. So here it is……October has been wet!

With the second highest amount of rainfall this year. Only being surpassed by the extraordinarily large amount we had in June! October 2018 we had 42.5ml of rain. October 2019, 124.5ml!!!! Almost 3 times that of last year.

In-between the torrential outbursts of condensed water droplets falling from the Cumulonimbus above and the course being exceptionally wet out there we have still managed to do some mowing. Thankfully, due to the frosts, the grass has slowed it’s growth, fractionally!

We were also able to hollow core, seed and top-dress the greens with sand. This will aerate the soil, aid the drainage and provide new, stronger, disease resistant grass.

Last newsletter I touched on the subject of worms and worm cast deposits. Up until a few years ago there were chemicals that we could spray to keep worms off the greens. These have now been banned and as such, other alternatives have to be found. One alternative is being called a soil conditioner and it simply provides nutrients that irritate the worms and they flee to the relative safety of better tasting ground. I am trialling one of these conditioners as we do have a high population of worms here and anything we can do to dissuade them from the greens will be of significant value.

Kind regards
Richard and ‘The Team’

PGA Professional & Golf Services Supervisor update

October was a frustrating month for us golfers as the rain pretty much stopped play. However, our Indoor Swing Studio came to the rescue with many of you having 9 holes on ‘The Old Course’ or utilised the *SkyTrak Launch Monitor to work out your club yardages on the driving range feature.

*The Indoor Sky Trak Studio is available to all and the cost is just £20 per hour, which is great value when split between up to 4 players.

As we enter the colder winter months, wrap up well but do try and keep your golf going as you will undoubtedly reap the benefits in the New Year.

It is our Club Presentation Evening on Friday (8th November). I hope to see as many of you as possible on the night. Mick will be putting together a hot evening buffet, so come along, have some nice food / drink and chat whilst celebrating our fellow golfers achievements.

Golf Services Supervisor & PGA Professional

Manager’s update

October was a bit of a washout for us at Edwalton! We had non-stop rain throughout the entire month meaning it was very hard for the greenkeepers to get any mowing done. We did find a few dry days to get the hollow coring done though, which will help improve the condition of the greens in the coming months.

We had our final dementia in golf session of the year on October 22nd, which was thoroughly enjoyable as always. It’s fantastic to see both dementia sufferers and their carers coming to these sessions on a consistent basis and a lot of them are seeing an improvement in their golf as well! Our next session is booked in for January 28th where we will be looking to incorporate the golf simulator into the session to avoid the risk of bad weather calling the day off.

On the subject of the indoor simulator, we have seen a sharp rise in the usage throughout October which is great to see. It is a really useful tool whether you’re looking to find your distances, experience various real courses from around the world or just stay dry during your round! If you would like to book a session please call us on 0115 923 4775 or email me directly at

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your patience throughout the month as it has been a tough time with the weather being so bad. Fingers crossed for a few days of dry weather in the coming week or so to get the course back to its usual standard and get you all out enjoying your golf again.

Jordan Hind
Operations Manager

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