Tennis coach shoots an ace at Richmond Park!

Christopher Lloyd celebrates an unusual hole in one at London’s popular golf venue

Richmond Park regular Christopher Lloyd is a tennis coach that loves to occasionally swap his raquet for a set of clubs, and play a round at his local golf venue. Like most players, he certainly doesn’t expect to card an ace on the short holes, let alone the longer par-4s.

On Wednesday 8th July, on the par-4 17th hole on the Princes Course, Christoper pulled out his driver and hit a full blooded drive down the centre of the fairway. The ball bounced, fortuitously, high off the road that runs across the fairway and made its way onto the green. The ball proceeded to roll the full length of the green and straight into the hole.

Christopher arrived home that evening and researched how many, “hole in ones” on par 4 holes have occurred. According to his research, only once ever on the PGA Tour in 2001 by Andrew Magee.

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