Course Update | Tilgate Forest Golf Centre

November 2020

Welcome to our latest golf course report.  We hope everyone is safe and well and looking forward to returning to the course in December.


As you are aware, there are a number of significant projects that we are working on around the course. Here is a summary of what we have been working on over the past few months to improve the playability of the course and keep it in good condition over the winter.

Ditch Clearing – During September and October the team have been working hard to start the long process of clearing ditches ensuring there is an adequate

water flow connecting all parts of the golf course, this labour intensive work is imperative to ensure the golf can drain from excess rainfall and not affect the playability of the course.

Drainage Works Hole 3 – During October we introduced a ditch to the approach to the green improving the drainage system and accessibility to the green during particularly wet winter periods.

Pond Clearance – During October we cleared the pond surround on hole 18, neatening up the general appearance of the area to allow easy access for those errant tee shots!!

Greens – Following coring work in August we are continuing a programme of spiking to certain areas of the greens. An aeration schedule is in place including both scarification and tining which allows oxygen to reach grass roots encouraging a stronger and more durable surface. The benefit of the November lockdown is that we can continue with this work while the course is closed throughout the month.


Tee Box Renovation – Winter tees will be in operation whilst our greenkeeping team scarify, overseed and topdress all 18 tee boxes. This work is imperative to ensure there is sufficient healthy turf and tee boxes have the necessary time to heal.

Tee Box Irrigation – Major works are underway to reintroduce irrigation to all tee boxes this winter in time for the new season in 2021, this work will ensure we can offer strong coverage and durability on all tee boxes throughout the year.

Thanks for taking time to read our latest course update.  We look forward to welcoming you back to the course and seeing the work first hand.

Stay safe….

The Team @ Tilgate Forest