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Reconnect Through Golf

Golf will play a huge part in helping the nation to recover

2020 – what a year. For many, golf was one of the few ways to escape the house, get outdoors and safely socialise with friends, family and colleagues.

While there is still uncertainty about the future, one thing we do know is that golf will play a huge part in helping the nation to recover, as we emerge from the pandemic.

Golf will help people reconnect safely with friends and family, reconnect with nature, and reconnect with outdoor exercise, which is vital in keeping us in great condition, both physically and mentally.

It might be that you’re an avid golfer that’s itching to tee it up again, or perhaps you’re just ‘golf-curious’. Perhaps you’ve seen your friends or neighbours heading out to the local golf course or driving range and you’re now keen to give it a go yourself.

Reconnect Through Golf will help even more people make the most of our wonderful sport in 2021.


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Reconnect Through Golf

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