The Latest News from Edwalton Golf Centre

It was a real pleasure to welcome you all back onto the course at the end of March and onto the patio 2 weeks later! It’s fantastic to see so many of you enjoying the use of our facilities and the surprisingly pleasant weather we have experienced throughout the last 4 weeks. I just wanted to send you all a quick update with all the works that are being carried out both inside the clubhouse and out on the courses.

I’ll start with outdoors. It’s been great to hear so much positive feedback from you all regarding the course, the greenstaff have been working tirelessly to provide you all with the best product possible and so far so good! Firstly, the greens. We scarified and hollowcored in the second week of March as we do every year. This provided a bit of a bumpy start to life on the greens when you all returned, however we are now seeing improvements week after week with the day time sunshine and night time irrigation combining to stimulate the grass growth nicely. We had some issues with the irrigation on the right hand side of the 6th green as you may have noticed, however that has now been resolved (sorry if you were on the green when we were testing it in the day!), wetting agent applied and we are starting to see it recover well. We put down a granular fertiliser in the first week of April which produced some interesting black spots on the greens. This was due to the high iron content in the fertiliser, which after plenty of water and a couple of cuts disappeared. The iron then helps produce a lovely dark green colour and works in conjunction with nitrogen and potassium to stimulate growth and strengthen the core of the grass plant. Moving forward into May we will be verti-cutting and solid-tining followed with a light top dress the week after.

The rest of the course has held up well over the last few weeks, although a drop of rain, preferably overnight, wouldn’t go amiss! The lack of rain has meant the course has required less mowing and you have all enjoyed an extra few yards roll on the ball, but it does create more work for the greenstaff elsewhere. We have been watering the tees by hand 3 times a week to try to combat the water thirsty grass on the tee boxes. These will be solid-tined alongside the greens and re-seeded and top dressed accordingly to aid the recovery of the dry areas. All bunkers were edged throughout lockdown 2.0 and have since been topped up with fresh sand. The greenkeepers are also raking them 3 times a week to try to keep them to the best possible standard for you all. We made some improvements to the range area whilst we were closed as well, with a new range ball machine and dividers being installed.

On to the clubhouse! We received delivery of the brand new indoor furniture in the latest lockdown which is all ready and waiting for you to all enjoy on May 17th. The entirety of the building has been painted with new flooring also put down. We also have a brand new 64” TV going on the wall next week. We have also added Stella to our beer offering which many of you have already partaken in!

Finally, on behalf of all the staff at Edwalton Golf Centre, I would like to thank you for your continued support throughout the eventful (to say the least!) last 18 months. You have stuck by us through a flood and two lockdowns, which is definitely more than you all signed up for!

I hope to see you on the fairways soon.

Kind Regards,