The Latest News from Edwalton Golf Centre

The longest day has been and gone and we are now in the midst of the golf season (please can somebody tell the weather!). We are delighted with the way the course has continued to hold up since my last newsletter. I thought I would let you know what we’ve been up to!

We have continued to work hard to both maintain and improve both courses at Edwalton. We are verticutting the greens every 3 weeks, which is a lighter form of scarification. This gets rid of the unwanted thatch build up in the greens, allows the turf to breathe and also increases the rate of absorption for water and nutrients. This has been why each time we have verticut, we have followed up with some fertiliser and plenty of water to ensure the fertiliser dissolves. We managed to catch a couple of dry patches on the 8th green and the putting area nice and early, which meant we could apply some granular wetting agent to help the ground recover. The 6th green also had a couple of areas where thatch had built up at the surface of the ground, meaning water and air couldn’t get to the root of the grass to stimulate growth. Richard has now scrubbed the layer of thatch away and top dressed the areas with seed and sand so we should start to see the recovery in the next couple of weeks. We now have a bin on each tee on the Main Course which should help with the litter around the course and also brand new ‘next tee’ signs on each hole. Many of you will have noticed we have installed a lot of new signage around the course and centre. The majority of this is health and safety related so I would like to ask you all to make yourself aware of the signs and ensure you are following the guidance provided to ensure everyone can enjoy their golf safely. We have also got the irrigation on the tee boxes linked up to the main computer now, meaning they come on automatically throughout the night alongside the greens, which should help with the recovery of the worn areas after they have been top dressed. Finally, I would like to address an issue we have been having for some time with pitch marks on the greens. The greenstaff do their best to repair them wherever possible, however we do ask that you please repair your own (and an extra one if you can!) to help us keep the greens in good condition. If you don’t have your own pitch mark repairer, they are available free of charge at reception.

The clubhouse is now up and running and looking great! We have had our new retail area next to reception installed, which stocks a range of hats, towels, gloves, tees and balls. We also have a range of toasties and cakes on offer for you all to enjoy from the fridge next to the bar. We are offering a toastie and hot drink for £5.95 and a cake and hot drink for £3.95, so even if you aren’t playing golf please drop in for a drink and a bite to eat. BT Sport was installed a few weeks back along with a brand new pool table which many of you have already enjoyed using! Every Euro 2020 game is also being shown in the clubhouse. We had a lot of requests to offer a non alcoholic beer at the bar, so we have now got a premium 0.5% lager called Lucky Saint on draught. If you would like to try a taster before you buy it, please feel free to ask the member of staff behind reception and they would be more than happy to give you a drop to try before you buy.

As always I would like to thank you all for your support over the last few months. It is fantastic to see so many of you using the facilities on offer at Edwalton.

See you on the fairways soon.

Kind Regards,