The Latest News from Tilgate Forest

As the summer is in full flow we thought it was high time we updated you on all of the news from the course. The team has been hard at work carrying out our schedule of course improvements so here is a summary of all that they’ve been up to.

Tee Box Irrigation – All 18 holes

A full installation of irrigation to all of the tee boxes was completed in April 2021. The works have dramatically improved the playing surface from the tee box ensuring we have full coverage during the warmer summer months. To protect the tee boxes we also use winter mats from October each year to keep the quality of the surface high.

Greens Performance – All 18 holes

A scheme of works to reduce thatch levels across all greens started in earnest last August 2020. Since that time we have seen a significant improvement in the quality of the putting surface based on stronger root development and lower levels of moisture in the soil. With continued action to aerate all greens we look forward to providing an excellent putting surface all year round to our members and guests.

Newly Built Greens – Holes 4,6 and 18

After a full rebuild of greens on holes 4, 6 and 18 only the 4th green is still to open fully and we expect to have it in play at the start of August. The rebuild included new drainage, updated soil profile and new turf that is 70% fescue and 30% dwarf rye. The improvements have increased the size of the playing surface and allowed for all year round playability with improved drainage systems now in place.

Upcoming Works

Works in the coming weeks will continue on greens and approaches to holes 4 and 6 to ensure we can open the new greens just as soon as possible. A weed management spray will go down late June 2021 to remove excess daisies and weeds across all 18 holes. GUR is being prioritised to ensure we can offer a consistent experience, with fertiliser applications, reseeding programmes and topdressing, and regular spiking of the greens will continue to compliment the ongoing coring process.


We hope to see you soon and to have the chance to show you all of the work we’ve been doing to make Tilgate Forest a great place for your next round of golf.

Best wishes,

The team at Tilgate Forest