Read about our latest steps to make golf courses even greener

Richmond Park tees up reduction in plastic waste

The pandemic has made us realise more than ever, the importance of being outdoors. Spending time in nature improves our health and wellbeing and golf delivers this in bucketloads. Golf course operators have a duty to protect their wonderful green spaces and Richmond Park Golf Course is taking further steps to do just that by reducing plastic waste.

Jon Dummett, Head of Golf for Glendale Golf, explains: “The natural setting of a golf course is one to cherish, and none more so than Richmond Park Golf Course. It occupies a space within the largest of London’s royal parks. But it’s more than that; It’s a site of both national and international importance for wildlife conservation. We have a sustainable approach to the management of our golf courses – reducing or eliminating products that can cause environmental damage is a key part of this.”

The lowly tee peg is an obvious contender. While some golfers use biodegradeable wooden tees, many still use plastic as they are more durable and cheaper to buy.

Jon contunues: “From September, we are asking all golfers to use wooden tees and our golf shop will only sell wooden or biodegradeable tees. This might seem like a small change, but over 100,000 golfers play at Richmond Park every year, so small changes make a big difference.”

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