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Over 400 golfers tee'd up for the Loyaltee™ Winter Open

Over 400 golfers tee'd up for the Loyaltee™ Winter Open

Thanks to everyone that took part in this year’s event

Glendale Golf teamed up with Callaway® Golf to bring you the Loyaltee™ Winter Open. Were you one of over 400 golfers that tee’d it up?

The events took place from 10th to 13th December at our four golf centres in the south east: Castle Point, Portsmouth, Richmond Park and Tilgate Forest.

Open to everyone, the Loyaltee™ Winter Open is part of a series of Glendale Golf events designed to shake up the traditional approach to golf tournaments. James Goh from Glendale Golf explains: “We understand both new and long-term golfers can find golf competitions daunting, with many baffling rules & regulations. We created the Loyaltee™ Winter Open to make competitions user-friendly and open to all. A formal club handicap wasn’t required and the emphasis was on having fun, meeting new friends and enjoying true spirit of competition.”

This strategy clearly struck a chord as all events sold out within a day, with several hundred golfers putting their name down to compete for prizes from Callaway® Golf.

James continues: “We’ve had so much positive feedback following the event, with many asking when the next one will be. We’re planning to hold a number of similar Loyaltee™ Open events throughout 2022 and we expect them to be just as popular.”

Check out the photos below taken at the Loyaltee™ Winter Open events held across our golf centres.

If you’re itching to tee it up over the Christmas holidays then click here to book a round at your local Glendale Golf Centre.

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