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The Prince's Course

See it before you tee it.

Richmond Park Golf Course is one of Europe’s most popular golfing destinations. Take a tour today and find out why.

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The Prince's Course

Designed by the legendary JH Taylor, The Prince’s Course was opened in 1923 by HRH Prince of Wales. Truly ahead of its time, it offered affordable golf for everyone.

With elevated views across Richmond Park, it is the shorter of our two courses and a popular choice for those wanting an easier round.

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18 holes. 5366 yards. Par 68.

Hole #1

Par 4 | 357 yards

How about a nice, simple par 4 to get you going? No need for herorics with your opening tee shot.

Just find the fairway and you’ll have every chance of lining up a birdie putt. What a start that would be!

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Hole #2

Par 3 | 162 yards

After a pleasant stroll walk through the woods, you’re greeted with the first short hole.

An elevated tee means you’ll get a clear view of the green. Watch out for the pot bunkers guarding each side.

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Hole #3

Par 4 | 348 yards

The third hole slopes gently uphill. Thread your drive between the fairway bunkers for a short approach.

A hidden gully in front of the green means you’ll need to fly it all the way to the pin.

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Hole #4

Par 3 | 120 yards

Another par 3, short enough to reach with a solidly struck wedge. Don’t go too far, as there’s a ha-ha over the back.

A large bunker protects the small green and makes it tricky to see the pin from the tee, so aim for the centre and you won’t be far away.

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Hole #5

Par 4 | 367 yards

What goes up must come down. The elevated tee gives you a bird’s eye view of the fairway, all the way down to the green.

Watch out for a large pond lurking tight to the left of the green.

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Hole #6

Par 4 | 322 yards

The 6th hole brings you back up to the upper part of the course.

Make sure you take enough club for your approach shot – the elevated green will spit back your ball if you come up short.

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Hole #7

Par 4 | 430 yards

The intrepid 7th hole is arguably the most difficult hole on the course. A blind tee shot must be played to the right side of the fairway, as it slopes to the left.

You’re then faced with a long uphill shot into a green that’s cut into a steep slope. Miss it left at your peril!

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Hole #8

Par 4 | 402 yards

Bunkers either side of the fairway are positioned within landing distance of your tee shot. Avoid these at all costs if you want to reach the green in regulation.

Even if your ball finds the short stuff, you’re still faced with a long, uphill approach.

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Hole #9

Par 5 | 476 yards

After the arduous journey of the last two holes, a much more welcoming sight awaits.

A relatively short par 5 offers a chance for redemption. Will you seize the opporunity?

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Hole #10

Par 4 | 415 yards

Have you got what is takes to play over the large oak and cut the corner? Pull it off and you’ll be in position A for your approach.

The water-filled hollow in front of the green isn’t actually a pond, but a bomb crater from WW1. How’s your battle for par going?

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Hole #11

Par 3 | 153 yards

A straightforward par 3, so another chance to pick up a birdie.

Plenty of room to bail right, just make sure you don’t end up left of the green as you’ll be blocked by trees.

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Hole #12

Par 4 | 359 yards

A sweeping dogleg left, that runs tightly against the course boundary. Go left and you could end in the Beverly Brook, which is an instant reload.

The fairway resembles a crinkle cut chip with its many ridges, believed to be irrigation channels from the former ‘Kings Farm’ that occupied this part of the Park.

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Hole #13

Par 3 | 243 yards

The short and sweet par 3s have so far be comforting. That all changes here.

The formidable 13th is over 240 yards from the back tees. A par here feels like a birdie.

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Hole #14

Par 4 | 256 yards

The 14th tee occupies the site of the original clubhouse, before it relocated to the opposite side of the course.

It’s now a fun risk/reward hole, easily reachable by the longer hitters.

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Hole #15

Par 4 | 273 yards

This relatively short par 4 often catches you off-guard. Anything left is a gonner.

There’s plenty of room right, but the further you go, the more difficult your approach will be.

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Hole #16

Par 3 | 121 yards

Why not challenge your golfing pals to a closest the pin contest on this dinky little par 3.

A beach-sized bunker protects the left side of the green, so think carefully about wind direction.

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Hole #17

Par 4 | 271 yards

This short par 4 has risk/reward all over it. It’s very tempting to unleash the driver and set up an eagle putt.

However, anything drifting left is in the woods, and that’s where you’ll stay. Go right and your easy birdie turns into a bogey, or worse.

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Hole #18

Par 4 | 291 yards

One of the most exciting holes on the course, framed perfectly by the imposing clubhouse beyond the green.

Will you play the percentage game for an easy par, or take on the green with your tee shot?

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