Head Greenkeeper's Blog

November 2020

Welcome to this month’s Head Greenkeeper’s Blog.

I started my new role at Richmond Park in October and I’m getting to know the course and ready to take on the winter challenge. My aims will be to improve poor wet muddy areas however possible, and offer a more enjoyable winter golfing experience.

Greens have arrived at Christmas looking good and near enough disease free now after last month’s outbreak. We shall be continuing aeration on these to keep them as dry as we can during these wet spells. I will also be investigating options to improve the drainage on the 11th green on Duke’s, which I’m aware requires some attention.

We are just finishing off edging the bunkers and removing the decaying areas around these. Several bunkers will be turfed in the new year running into spring, whilst others will have seed around them once temperatures start to rise again. I think you’ll all agree they look better with a crisp edge.

The tees have recovered nicely from last month’s overseeding project. We do ask please could everyone refrain from pulling trolleys across tee tops and tee banks. It will undo the hard work done and mud from trolleys will quickly add to a poor surface. This will be the same for trolleys wearing out tee banks with usable paths right next to them. We need to keep the presentation as best as possible in winter when it’s tough to keep it looking good. When all the small things look good – a nicely trimmed hole, a smart tee box or a clean approach the course doesn’t look so bad, so let’s all pull together on this and help keep surfaces as presentable as we can.

Some paths to tees and poor tee bank areas will have some new rubber matting installed. This will offer improved grip when walking to the tee but also a more presentable less muddy walk on.

Worn and slippery areas from greens to tees area are being sanded. This will not only improve stability under foot but over time, the sand will work into these areas improving future drainage.

I said previously I’m a fan of mottos and this month is one that you can be involved in.

My motto of the month will be TEAM

T – Together

E – Everyone

A – Achieves

M – More

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and an even better 2021!! See you all then.