Course Update | Tilgate Forest Golf Centre

January 2021

Welcome to our latest golf course report. We’ve been making the most of the extra time we have available to us in the lockdown to make a number of new improvements to the course.

Greens Project

We’ll be starting work shortly on three greens to completely rebuild them and ensure they remain in good condition all year round. This may mean that they are still bedding in for a few weeks after we reopen but they should be in play by early May.

Tee Box Irrigation

In order to keep the tee boxes pristine throughout the summer, we’ve been installing irrigation on all 18 holes to allow us to keep them well watered and help them to recover quicker. These areas obviously get a lot of footfall over the summer so these new systems should allow us to have excellent playing surfaces all year round.

Unfortunately it means there will be less excuses available for errant tee shots.

We are hoping to be reopening soon and will let you know as soon as we get any indication that golf courses are back in play. In the mean time, keep safe!

Best wishes,

The Team @ Tilgate Forest