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March 2021 Course Update | Edwalton Golf Centre

Course Update | Edwalton Golf Centre

March 2021

Course Update 2021

Let me start by saying that I hope you are safe and well. It has felt like an exceptionally long time since we have been able to welcome golfers onto the course and we definitely feel like it’s time we saw you all return. During this latest lockdown we have been busy trying to improve the course in a number of ways.

  • Drainage
  • Re-turfing tees
  • Greens maintenance
  • Tree works


A lot of drainage has been undertaken over this lockdown and it has been essential to say the least! With all the rain and snow and then rain again, we surely would have been in a dire situation if nothing had been done! We recruited Glendale Managed Services to dredge the ditch that runs around the clubhouse and through the Par3 course. They have done a fantastic job at clearing, and banking up the sides of the ditch. This has lowered the standing level by at least 1-2 ft and when we have heavy rains, like the beast from the east, we are much better equipped to handle the excess volume of water. 


Also, at the other end of the course, we have had another drainage issue and I would like to thank Blitz Drainage for their amazing guidance and help with the clearing of some blocked pipes that has made a tremendous impact on the condition of the Main course fairways. 

This is what the course looked like at the end of January.


After the help from Blitz Drainage, 3 weeks later it looked like this.


Re-turfing tees

We have taken action to re-turf 4 tees on the Par3 course. They have been damaged over the years by more than mere golfers! Rabbits and moles have played their part in the destruction of the playing areas. At present we have lifted the old turf and are awaiting a delivery of fresh turf to complete the project.


Not wanting to be wasteful, the old turf that we lifted from the tees, we have laid on the banks of the ditch that was dredged. This should take and will hopefully serve 2 purposes. To make the dredged ditch more aesthetic and to provide a cushion to stop some golfers losing their golf balls as they play over the ditch.

Greens Maintenance

We have slit the greens several times this winter, this is to aid with drainage and good aeration of the soil. In the coming week we are planning to scarify, hollow core, overseed and top dress the greens in preparation for when we reopen on the 29th of March. We have also repaired the damage to the 8th green. 

We took advantage of the lockdown and we increased the length of the greens from 5mm to 8mm. I am calling it, lockdown length! This has helped to strengthen the grass as it is not under as much stress and I’m sure you will agree with the results. We are now gradually reducing the height back down to 5mm ready for when we reopen.


Tree Works

The annual tree survey has taken place during lockdown and has highlighted some areas that need attention. We have been removing low level limbs to make your playing experience more enjoyable and are constantly monitoring the trees to ensure your safety.

We look forward to welcoming you back on the 29th of March. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates and notices. 

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