Course Update | Portsmouth Golf Course

May 2020

Welcome to our monthly newsletter for the month of May.  We hope you and your families have remained safe during these challenging times for us all.  Writing this we still find ourselves in lockdown, but have a sense of optimism that the measures currently in place may potentially start to be relaxed over the coming weeks.  With this relaxation we hope that golf is considered as an industry that can start to operate again albeit under set guidelines and conditions.  If golf is to restart then please do keep an eye out for communications that as a company we will be sending out via email and posting on our social media platforms.  This will have information about memberships, green fees and the operational changes that we will be putting in place to ensure the safety and welfare of all of our staff and customers.

Since our last report we have seen a real change in the weather bringing us a traditional Spring with warmth and rain which we have seemed to miss over the past few years.  This has been great for the course with greens, tees and fairways benefiting from these ideal conditions.  To support this our irrigation system is now in full swing as we received new tee and green sprinklers in recent weeks that have now been installed in areas of need. 

Whilst the course has remained closed we have worked to the essential guidelines set out by the R&A.  These guidelines cover types of essential maintenance that we can carry out whilst under lockdown conditions.  With a smaller workforce it has been challenging for our greenkeeping team to keep up with the increased growth rates and demands that this time of year brings.  Our head greenkeeper Matt Burr has done a sterling job in keeping the shape and condition of the course up to the standard it is currently in.  If golf is to be reinstated, we look forward to bringing the rest of the team in to focus on the finer detail once guidelines allow. 

As mentioned at the start of this newsletter please keep an eye on your inbox for updates on how we plan to reopen as and when current circumstances potentially change.  We appreciate that there are questions that need answering but we are confident all of these will be answered within this communication.  For now I’m sure we will all have a close eye on what the Prime Minister has to say over the coming days and fully appreciate that the safety of us all still remains priority.

In our last newsletter we ran our Masters Quiz.  Thanks to all that entered and congratulations to James Stacey who was selected winning a dozen Callaway golf balls.  Well done James, your prize will be waiting for you.

Thanks as always for taking the time to read our latest update, please stay safe and we look forward to updating you in due course.  

Best wishes from myself and team,

James Green

General Manager